Command Reference

The Secrets Store CSI Driver can be provided with the following command line arguments.

The secrets-store container in the DaemonSet can be configured using the following command line arguments:

List of command line options

--endpointCSI endpointunix://tmp/csi.sock
--drivernameName of the
--nodeidNode ID
--log-format-jsonSet log formatter to jsonfalse
--provider-volumeVolume path for provider/etc/kubernetes/secrets-store-csi-providers
--additional-provider-volume-pathsComma separated list of additional paths to communicate with providers/var/run/secrets-store-csi-providers
--metrics-addrThe address the metric endpoint binds to:8095
--enable-secret-rotationEnable secret rotation feature [alpha]false
--rotation-poll-intervalSecret rotation poll interval duration2m
--enable-pprofEnable pprof profilingfalse
--pprof-portPort for pprof profiling6065
--max-call-recv-msg-sizeMaximum size in bytes of gRPC response from plugins4194304
--provider-health-checkEnable health check for configured providersfalse
--provider-health-check-intervalProvider healthcheck interval duration2m