Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver

Secrets Store CSI Driver for Kubernetes secrets - Integrates secrets stores with Kubernetes via a Container Storage Interface (CSI) volume.

The Secrets Store CSI Driver secrets-store.csi.k8s.io allows Kubernetes to mount multiple secrets, keys, and certs stored in enterprise-grade external secrets stores into their pods as a volume. Once the Volume is attached, the data in it is mounted into the container’s file system.

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Project Status

DriverCompatible Kubernetessecrets-store.csi.x-k8s.io Versions
v1.4.01.19+v1, v1alpha1 [DEPRECATED]
v1.3.41.19+v1, v1alpha1 [DEPRECATED]

See Release Management for additional details on versioning. We aim to release a new minor version every month and intend to support the latest 2 minor versions of the driver.


Driver Core Functionality (Stable)

  • Multiple external secrets store providers
  • Pod portability with the SecretProviderClass CustomResourceDefinition
  • Mounts secrets/keys/certs to pod using a CSI Inline volume
  • Mount multiple secrets store objects as a single volume
  • Linux and Windows containers

Alpha Functionality

These features are not stable. If you use these be sure to consult the upgrade instructions with each upgrade.

Supported Providers